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?l??8/?/?????x - trawler fest- robbdorfmeyer from "passage maker" (a boating magazine) joins us live frrm the inner harbor - what is trawler fest? 3estt trawler fest oes through sundda at the inner harbor marina.for more information go to foxbaltimore dot com slash 3 3 3 coming up... bank f america customers fightinggback... agaanst a new debit card fee. fee."why do they need to charge us $5 a month just for usiig sooethhig we've used foo literally yyars without having fee??how many thoussnds of people... have signed a petition. 3and a orld-wide effort.... honoring the life of pple co-founder, steve jobs.what week from're ... a - watching fox 45 mooning news.. all llcal.. all morning. ((break 2) testimony ccntinues today... murray... the doctor accused in michael jackson's death. the stand.elissa fleak ays she ttok this photo of jackson....after he died at the hospital. she also the singee's bedroom... nd in including a bottle of propofol. mmurry has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manssaughter.if convicted... he faces up toofour years behind bbrs. 3protest
. those numbers have to make you feel pretty good. >> they make us feel pretty good, sean, but it means we have to continue to work hard. we're very pleased with that, but we're not letting up.t we we're sticking to our strategy. >> what do you think is the reason for this incredible rise that you've had and not only that, the question i think a lot of us had early on is okay, pawlenty was down and out,mi bachmann had a surge, perry had a surge. a you seem to be maintaining it. what's the reason that you thinu you're able to maintain the surge? >> i think that the florida straw poll that took place about three weeks ago really set the message. number one, the voice of the people is more powerful than thh voice of the media, with all dul respect. the second thing that came out t of that, sean, is that message is more powerful than money. right from the beginning andnn you've seen it in the debates. i have talked about solutions to problems, developed these solutions, and shared them with the public, and they are connected with the public. you know that my economic growth and jobs plans has
in and talks about the meetings he's had with the gop hopefuls. >>> and dangerous dad. the father who used his 9-year-old daughter as his designated driver faces a judge, and the little girl's mom speaks out in her husband's defense today. wednesday, october 19th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and good morning, welcome to "today." it's 7:00 a.m. on the west coast on this wednesday. i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm ann curry. a lot of nervous people in ohio this morning and plenty of questions as police armed with shotguns hunt for those escaped animals. they've killed 30 of the nearly 50 so far. one tiger was just put down a short time ago. >> when detectives first arrived at the scene, they found all the cages at the preserve open and the park's owner dead. now investigators want to know if that man intentionally set the animals free before allegedly taking his own life. >> let's now get right to nbc's john yang in zanesville, ohio weather more. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. investigators are telling nbc news this morning that the inld cases are that
cover story, jeff abell introduces us to a baltimore wooan ho's ttking survival to a new extreme...and vowing not to go down without a fight. pight. (wide city sunrise) its a few minutes before the morning rush...and downtown..... (25::3) (mopssfloor) (22:10) (shakes bag) (26:58) (unwraps cups) this on crews control. (27:54) "call me franchon crees...." franchon crews has spent the past three years brewing a cup of oe.... (44428) (quick nats) (coffee pours) for anyone on the go. &7:42) (crews) "i give the people what they need. give em their fix...but itt legal...." but the job is allo her fix. these pard economic imes have hit home. (11147) (crews) "i work two joos and i'm still not ligible for health crews is a ingle mom.....who's helping her own mom fight back.....from a near-death condition. (1:17:42)) (crews & mom) "your legs still hurting? no...they're not hurting nnw...." franchon hass fromma fight.... (1:22:11) (mother) you threw the firr extinguisher at somebody..." when she was bul
from the fund and used it for purposes other than, roadssare funds to fix them. (10:56:05) (gus baumon) "the reality is the need iis billions and billiins of dollars. as far as i'm concerned i'd just like to get to second ase and see how we po...."(4:03:08) (holdss bin/gas tax) (audio) "gas is high enough as it is...." (4:20:21) (holds bin/gas tax) "every additional penny maaes a difference to us...." us...."while drivers are fuming at the idea....ttere is pne important recommendatton that's brings somm comfort... a constitutional amendmenn insuring transportation funds will never again be aideddand used for other purpooes. all of these recommendations will now go to the legislature who will have the final say. liveein north altimore, megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 testimony continues today... in the manslaughter trial of doctor conrad murrry. murray.on tuesday... jurors heard the emotional testimony from cherilyn lee... the nnrse who treated jackson's insomnia. she testified that jackson him usiig propofol at home to induce sleep... was safe. j
waa to tell off your boss. the worker that used a marching band to uit his job... and what he did ábeforeá this that guaranteed he wouldn't get a positive reference. 3- heelo... i'm jeff barnd. barnd. and i'm karen parks. breaking news in jessup tonight. there's.../ been ...a murder.../ at... "clifton t. erkinss... hospital.../ for... the.../ criminally ins. insane. jannce park.../ live... outside the hospital.../ ááwhereáá... are... ust startiig.../ too.. surfaae./ janice. janice.maryland state police are inside 33 investigating as ww speak &ppolice tell us one patient killed another about 7pm. now this hospital is where criminals go iistead of jail if they are ruled insane.. 3 once again we know state police continue to investigate inside. they believe one person issdead from what looos like a patient on in jessup, janice park fox45 news at ten. pthhs... is... the second murrer .../ year .../ at... clifton... perkins... patient.../ - at the... hospital.../ was... found deaa.... in her b
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. joel d. ssith is live there now with ore on the attack, using bleach. good morning joel d. good morning megan, this place was actually closed for a couple hours saaurday because of this incident, andd investigators say the pttack was the esult offan onnoing dispute between the &psuspect and the victim.... th victimms boyfriend is the father of the ssspect's child. vo rollcue: this attack was perl peesonal here ii that suspect, 33 year old theresa jefferson. police say just before eleven o'clock saturdayy morning jefferson followed this woman, now dating her ex, into the stooe and attacked &pher with bleach and pine-soll started figgting... and the two 28-year-old victii had to be taken to the hossital for bleach thrown in her yes. but because of the melee ... transporred ffr injuries - most customers sunday were in disbelief this happened right inside thh unfortunately, say seeing confrontations nowadays s common. -3 kenny wiggington3958 as far as releasing a hemical agent on ppl that's a little extreme, butti tell you, &pthat's the neighboohood, i've seen fights and arg
in the u-s. &p 3 (4:45)) (mta viddo) "you can't record my voice or my pictures without my prior consent or approvvl...." approval...." and.. fightiig for the right to record. the policc... nd the extreme measures officers have used to turn off thh ccmeras. 3 3 ttday is tuesday, october 4th. p3 map fibbr map 3 3 are we going to be paying more to b-g-e because of hurricane renn? that important being addressed in - today's hearings with the public ssevice commission. joel d. smith is liveein medfield, one of the places left in the dark for days after the hurricane. good orning joel d. 3 good morning megan... the lights are on around here oo, bbt we are onnaround megan... the lights areeon around here now, but we were in the dark here about a month ago. hurricane irene leftt p50-thousand bge customers without power.... wwile within 48 hours,,,, bge's criticism. (( natt)) no one doubts t was aahistoric task... 11,000 reportt of wires down and 348 poles had to be replaced. more then 64-hundred peopllewerr involved in the power restoration effort.. includ
...../ they... can least 500 children that use t - center......neighbors have formed a council that provides funding and other necessities to keep it up and runnnig..... buu city officialss say......despite their diligeece.....its just not enou. enough... (20:17)he's ninn years old anddhe's been coming here since first grade..and here at the roosevelt recreation penter.....sequunta watts says.....consistency is evident.....(24:12))hey have suplemental programs they helf weees....there has been .......3 change....(21:29) (waatssthey transferred ne set of center in south baltimore and brought the other individuals here is was verrysudden like.....and now theee is &pnaill)we are fighting city hall yet again to keep our rec wwnts to partner with nonprofits and other grrups to run some of the city's 55 recc saving sttategy......(1:48) save our ec centers.....and although this hampden community association raises thousands eevry year.......the citt sayy....its more responsibility....than any community can handle alone.... (56::3)(conaway)this is someehiig they waated to look at the commuuity is
t he rror pt.ceorhe or us captned clod caioni serv es, c. us, unti up pte cad forloca ni rv, mpai 201 pr iden, obamtiand p e caor mocr ic p ty aouncg ey jait ra01ed t s prfenamd cr pll ans incjust ew jrasf months. ist 'll see h tirig m bks. l eecomp hes wh thoir o tighe topk repu ican conmptend werhho top re pugrowang tonroubndle f t atrneyener eri ow t hubolr fr the on ovatsyeyerri orr tm fr he toonisov pussyh t pror cutm/11 to us h suspts iedal tou tro /1 thgun ing hat rm sp iou t a rmthedn g trm mexin cartels arm >> wwantnswe and e anxitn ar thtee reonsie to wntwendan h thresito h untae. sherd: d so reblic s nocall g on the ta atrney ener to hees: re icno ll on>> ion'tnothat he at ey er o pridenis gtinghe es t i'tnoat pr en ad gngesce >>hepa: toght, cont vers in tad capal. uscebloo ath the b>>utpatot, ntrs t ap . lon. us oo h witnheses y th gunma ju bursthroh th doo an. tns th unstard bljuing ople y. rs roth oo a>> h loo a s ugh h earblg plasy. eith dru or h ooon ash drugs. tonthht, ruo
. the idea is we tolate your internal -- if you allow us to play the same game with palestine. and it makes me very sad for the jewish peoplehom i like immensely. i think that something that the way they're thinking palestinians will decide their character, will they become just another nation state or what made them so great in the history of humanity survive. but again somethingn crazy times. this is misread -- whatever. >> charlie: i hear you. tell me about this film, the forthcoming film it's called the pervert's guide to ideology directed by so fee. >> we did the first one which did relatively well. pervert's guide to cinema. and now we repeat the same rmula. we think mostly the formula is documentary clips from well-known films. and just giving a twist to them. for example one, the ideological critical. for example one we really liked and it worked well. also james cameron's titanic. >> charlie: then we saw avatar. >> yes. you remember the final moments when leonardo dicaprio's character is dying and freezing. and kate notices he is dead she pushes him away into the water while shou
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... to áátelláá us... what you thinkk../. áássundáá off... thru facebook.../. áásendáá us... a tweet.../// your responses tonight.... at 10.. 3 people .../ worlddwide...// remember.../ steve jobs...// jobs...// apple's... succumbed.../ to... cancer wednesday..../ at... the age of 56...//. ááonáá.... the... web,.../ tributes... ave ppured... in.../ pááflagsáá at... the apple headquaters.../ are... at half- staff...//. ááheáá... changed the lives...// ááamiongáá them.../// the ipod,.../ iphhne .../ and... he ipad...//// p ááhe'sáá visionarr.../ it's "day eight" in the ttiall of dr. conrad murray.... accused in michael jackson's deadly drug overdose. overdose. the first witness to take the stand today was a coroner's pnnestigator. elissa fleak jaccson ...after he died at -- testified about stuff found in the singer'' bedroom, during cross-examinattin, the defense quessioned why she took so many picttres. 3 "i on't knnw the exact number of photos that i took." ""oes a lot sound like what you -too "ceet
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